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THURSDAY, AUGUST 10, 2017   
Vol 10.32   
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The blueberry is more than an excuse for a great festival each August in Ellenville. It's also one of our era's great superfoods! Photo by Chris Rowley
Time To Celebrate The Blueberry!
The Story Behind Ellenville's Big Festival

ELLENVILLE – What's more American than apple pie? In a word, blueberries.

Blueberries were growing here long before anyone planted the first apple trees. (Apples originate in central Asia and were developed into the fruit we know in western Europe). Indeed, had the Wampanoag Native Americans not shown the early English settlers at Plymouth how to collect blueberries, dry them and keep them for winter, they would've likely starved to death. Various native peoples had gathered blueberries for hundreds of years and in some places the berries were awarded a high status with spiritual aspects.   > MORE

Short Stay Mayhem?
Airbnb Issues to the Fore In Town Of Rochester
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A Hamlet's Heart
Napanoch Swings To Its Annual August Community Concerts
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The Popularity Of The Region's Other Trestle
Rosendale Village & Trails Are Gaining Traction
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Why I Am Not Running For U.S. Congress
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Project Cat Posts An Answer - The Cost Of Prescription Drugs - How Should We Judge Glamping Proposals? - We Can Do Better Than HealthAlliance - When Will GOP Split From Deluded Leader? - Social Media Postings Are Not Legal Policy! - Healthcare Should Serve Those In Need - Believes It May Be Time For Tin Foil Hats - Zink Endorses Julius Collins for District 15
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The Ill Sides Of Pure Ideology...
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