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Vol 9.6   
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Each year, the NY Association of Towns conference & meeting takes place in a major New York City hotel, this time on Times Square. But every year the agenda is so full that very few get the chance to slip out for fun in the city that never sleeps. We know, having been several times checking on our local officials. Courtesy photo
Where Have All Our Town Leaders Gone?
The Association of Towns Holds Its Annual Meeting Next Week

REGIONAL – "It's where the rubber meets the road," says Andrea Nilon, this year's president of the Association of Towns (and assessor for Chester for 31 years), speaking about both municipal taxes and the big municipal meet-up in New York City starting President's Day, when most everyone else is off for the day.   > MORE

No To Solar
Wawarsing Board Reprimanded For Acting Too Quick Without Any Input
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Power Couple?
Mamakating's Owens & Herrmann Rising To New Political Horizons
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A Glimpse Into Farming's Future
Rondout Valley Focuses On New Agriculturalists
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Hats, Hoodies, Short Shorts & Chromebooks
PBSD Talks Budgets Plus A New Code Of Conduct
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Vote Early & Vote Often... Extending The Voting Franchise Is All Good
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The Governor's Worries About Indian Point - Why Are They Spraying Roads With Brine? - We Are Blessed To Have Our Farmers! - The Flint Water Crisis Is Truly Serious - The Governor's Environmental Investment Is Needed - A Single, Early Primary Day Makes Sense! - A Biblical Consideration Of Two Candidates - We Should Increase Not Decrease Social Security! - Sullivan County Must Do More To Stop Animal Abuse
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On Valentines & Presidents' Day...
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