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Vol 7.43   
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State assembly candidates came out Tuesday at an Ulster County Chamber of Commerce breakfast in Kingston. Seen from left to right are Kevin Cahill, Kevin Roberts, Frank Skartados, Sakima Green-Brown, Claudia Tenney and Pete Lopez. The League of Women Voters moderated.   Photo by Paul Smart
Down To The Wire For Election 2014...
Assembly Candidates Gather As State Races Build Momentum

KINGSTON – All the local candidates running for seats in state assembly districts that touch on Ulster County — which represents all of our reading region's candidates except for Sullivan County's 100th District represented by Aileen Gunther — came out Tuesday morning, October 21, for a League of Women Voters-moderated event at a Chamber of Commerce breakfast in Kingston.  > MORE

Big New Things?
New Manufacturing Getting Proposed At Ellenville Site...
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Who IS Allowed To Vote In NYS?
The Franchise Remains Universal, Despite New Attempts To Narrow It
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A Cozy New Regional Destination...
Steiff Museum Features Bears & So Much More
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Advocating For Wawarsing's Children...
Rumors Of Axing Youth Commission Bring Out Supporters
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A New Beginning In The Catskills... Are Bungalows Too Temporary For Our Future?
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So What Do People Want For Ellenville? - Stop Voting For The Wives Of Party Chairmen! - Supporting Hughes For Rosendale Board - About Those Projected 2015 Budget Savings - Eldridge & The Crazies That Support Him - Ebola Should Not Be A Political Issue! - Who Is The Hypocrite Running For Congress? - Answers Statement That Blasting Is Non-Harmful
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Waves Of Fear: FDR's Famous Words Might Be Lampooned Or Ignored These Days
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